A world of magic
and fantasy

medieval inspired where unknown languages are spoken
and dragons are reborn, where the land dictates
an endless summer in the south and snowy clans in the north.

About US

We are a state of the art lab deep in the heart of Irving, Texas. Using only the finest caliber of materials, our care for what goes into each juice we create is paramount. Each juice is carefully crafted using PG, VG and flavorings sourced from the best and safest places possible. All of our juices are US made and will stay that way, because we know our customers appreciate our amazing lab and the quality it produces.




Jon Snows Ale

Imagine a world where magic and fantasy are a part of daily life, and there are kings and queens to inherit the lands, where the world has an endless summer in the south and snowy clans in the north. This liquid is a medieval inspired fantasy ale reminiscent of those warm fur cloaked mead halls and snowed- in winter nights. With this flavor people will get a taste of that magic and fantasy that inspired the name Jon Snow.

A rich flavor to warm the heart.

Think about ordering up a hearty cup of ale in a majestic mead hall on a winters night, this liquid will bring you back to those fantasies. Drink up a cup of this oaked ale pet a dire wolf while dreaming of dragons. Make Jon Snow your daily vape during cold months and beyond.


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